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Jane Eyre 2011 is reviewed by BlogCritics:
It would have made a fine 4-hour BBC mini-series, with time to breathe like a fine wine, with its genuinely chilly England in the 19th Century atmosphere and a broad if not probing view of class and sexual discrimination. The lovely on-location scenes from the often handheld camera gives the film a fluidity of movement, absorbing the stuffiness from a classic Gothic love story in the lush English countryside. The supporting cast is as fine as Masterpiece Theatre can provide and the story remains riveting. At a roughly two-hour running time though, key plot elements and character motivation are sacrificed to the beating hearts of a young, plain, sex hungry virgin and an older been-around guy beast. (Guy De Federicis)
The Fort Collins Examiner includes the film on a list of 'Books into movies: A thriving genre in 2011'. And the BBC confirms the UK release of the film on September 9.

On the blogosphere, the film is reviewed by A Day in the Life, The Official Blog of Sarah R. Lotfi, My Mind's Junk Drawer, Movies by Andrea, Identidades II (in Portuguese) and Rosey's Reviews. All This Happiness loves the film and is giving away a poster.

The Irish Times looks at the Irish-British, and vice versa, influences, citing the Brontës as examples:
The Brontë sisters were so greatly influenced by their Irish father that it would not be much of a stretch to call them Anglo-Irish.
Still though, the Brontës are also pure Yorkshire, as the Yorkshire Post reminds us:
West Yorkshire gathers around the celebrated Brontë Moors near Haworth, but there are other wild places too. (Christopher Sommerville)
BlogCritics interviews writer Carla Malden:
Who are some of your favorite authors/books?
I always read David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs. I’ve recently been on a Meg Wolitzer kick. On the other end of the spectrum, I’m a sucker for Wuthering Heights and T.S. Eliot. (April Pohren)
And BLTv - a Variety blog - says the following of television executive Mike Darnell:
... plenty more filler from reality maven Mike Darnell -- who is kept hidden at these affairs like the wife in "Jane Eyre,"... (Brian Lowry)
The Art of Telling posts briefly about Jane Eyre and Bloggers[heart]Books has read and loved April Lindner's Jane.

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