Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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Nothing much to report today, except for a few very pop-culture mentions suggested by our Emily's Wuthering Heights.

The Beacon mentions Wuthering Heights 1939 in passing and Female First has just as brief a mention of Ralph Fiennes's role in Wuthering Heights 1992.

Moving onto the current version, filming has now wrapped. Here are a couple of tweets from Kaya Scodelario brought to our attention by IMDb user Screenterrier:
Best wrap party ever! Big love to all the cast and crew of WH. North yorkshire is banging!!! Bed time now b4 we all get kicked out of hotel (about 5 hours ago)

WRAP PARTY!!!!! 7am,I'm going to feel horrible tomorrow morning! (about 6 hours ago)
The Guardian's technology blog posts about iTunes, the Beatles and semaphore language and can't help but link to the memorable Monty Python sketch of the semaphore version of Wuthering Heights.

And The Jewish Chronicle columnist says about gloomy, rainy, foggy days that,
Like Heathcliff, there's just something in me that appreciates this kind of weather and I am basking in it like most of you bask on the beaches of Ocean City or the Outer Banks. (Eli For Short)
Finally, Suite101 has a brief article on 'Race, Class, Satire in 19th Century Lit: Austen, [Emily] Brontë, Kipling'.

EDIT: An alert for tomorrow, November 18:
The History Wardrobe
18th   JANE EYRE - Wokingham Library
           Tel. Heather Dyson (0118) 9743712
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