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First of of all, a big thank-you to the anonymous reader who alerted us to this tweet by Kaya Scodelario (Cathy in Andrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights):
Have had one of the best days in months!Such a buzz being back on a set and doing what I love! But Yorkshire is feckin freezing mate!
1:21 AM Oct 20th
Reviewing the book Did You Know? West Yorkshire – A Miscellany, The Telegraph and Argus - or rather the book itself - also makes a Yorkshire-Brontë connection:
The book is packed with Bradford references, some of which are familiar – such as the Grey Lady ghost story at East Riddlesden Hall and the Haworth moorland providing inspiration for the Brontë sisters – and some of which are less so. (Emma Clayton)
Off-the-Shelf - a Cape Cod Today blog - posts a funny thing about (imaginary) 'poet, writer, essayist, blueberry picker Thomas J. McSheey'.
In order to make ends meet, the poet Thomas J. McSheey took paying jobs from time to time. One such job found him working for an eccentric book publisher who had the strange notion to combine certain classic literary works so the reader could enjoy two famous novels at the same time.
In that vein, McSheey edited the texts for a number of novels, dovetailing the plots and characters in ways to present both stories in one abbreviated format, yet while keeping intact some of the main themes. [...]
Other edited works by McSheey included Of Mice and Moby Dick (featuring the novels of Steinbeck and Herman Melville), The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Jane Eyre (by Robert Louis Stevenson and Charlotte Brontë), War and Prejudice (by Leo Tolstoy and Jane Austen), and Wuthering Women (by Emily Brontë and Louisa May Alcott). (Jack Sheedy)
Another sort of mash-up.

The Guardian talks to Anne Rice and mentions what we know well: that the Brontës are among her 'Gothic' influences. Book Eater posts her thoughts about the forthcoming screen adaptation of Jane Eyre. And Bookspeak reviews April Lindner's Jane.

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