Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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The Irish Film & Television Network has an article on Robbie Ryan, who will be the cinematographer in Andrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights:
Currently preparing for his fourth collaboration with director Andrea Arnold; Ecosse Films’ ‘Wuthering Heights’, the pair’s most recent collaborative effort brought about ‘Fish Tank’ which received huge critical acclaim. (Aileen Moon)
Jane Smiley's Private Life is reviewed by The Washington Post and its protagonist is thus described:
She is not the plucky romantic heroine of Jane Austen or Charlotte Brontë or Louisa May Alcott -- a protagonist who makes her way boldly across the page -- but a woman to whom things happen. (Marie Arana)
BlogCritics interviews author J.P.White:
Were you an avid reader as a child? If so, what were some of your favorite books?
I didn't read anything except comic books until I was about 14 and then I started reading novels and I couldn't stop. I went a little out of control. I would read a book a week at least starting with the classic novels by Robert Louis Stevenson, Dumas, Brontë, etc. (April Pohren)
And Speakeasy discusses 'literary monster mash-ups' and mentiones Jane Slayre.

Strange mention of the day: The Post Clinton News Herald on bird names:
Some sound poetic: The willet, the whimbrel, the short-billed dowitcher, the Chuck-will's-widow, the blackburnian warbler or chimney swift all could be characters in a Brontë or Dickens novel. (Catharine Hadley)
On the blogosphere, The Fashion Planner posts about Wuthering Heights and Tempestuous writes about Jane Eyre. hotaruanne has uploaded a few Jane Eyre 2006-inspired icons and Helen Highwater has rewritten chapter 9 of Wuthering Heights to fit the current hung parliament situation in the UK: Wuthering Parliament.

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  1. Awesome! This is my second name check in your blog! I wrote the Morrissey/Bronte thing a few years back. ;)

  2. When are we going to find out who's been cast as Heathcliff?? Or could they possibly still be looking? Does anyone know when they're supposed to start filming?