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The last appearance of Paula Abdul on American is described by the Washington Post as follows:
Picture Source: We Hate IDOL
"Idol" judge Paula Abdul appears to have chosen Charlotte Bronte's famous heroine Jane Eyre. Her conservative hairstyle and somber outfit scream "governess." And hung around her neck from a simple black ribbon is a shiny, Lowood Boarding School's Best Teacher Award, made from the tops of the cans of tinned meats to which those students who survived the school's annual typhus outbreak had be [sic] treated. (Lisa de Moraes)
We are speechless.

And here's another unexpected Brontë comparison for you: Daniel Craig's James Bond has Heathcliff-like traits according to Desicritics.

Daniel Craig is a man of today. He has all the vintage Bond genes and with it he brings a complexity and emotional intensity that is spanking new. He falls in love, pines for a woman lost and shows a Heathcliff like intensity as he comforts a dying associate in his arms. He then shows a Heathcliff like detachment as he chucks the corpse of the same man he comforted a minute ago into a garbage dump with a crisp - 'He wouldn't have minded'. The new Bond does every thing that was an anathema to the old Bond and he does it with a panache that would put the the old Bond to shame! (Ritu Chandra)
On a rather more normal note, The Telegraph and Argus announces that Charles Vance's stage version of Jane Eyre will be on stage at the Bingley Arts Centre (Yorkshire, UK) on March 30-April 4, aptly coincinding with Charlotte Brontë's 154th death anniversary.

Bingley Little Theatre will this spring take its audiences on a visit to Bronte country.
It is performing a stage version of Charlotte Brontë's famous novel Jane Eyre on March 30-April 4.
Charles Vance's adaptation is said to faithfully convey the exceptional emotional power of the original novel.
It focuses on the love story between Jane and Rochester that she arrives at the mysterious Thornfield Hall.
"This version is a must for the romantics among us, and lovers of good classic novels," said a spokesman.
See Jane Eyre at Bingley Arts Centre. Book on 01274432000.
Very interesting things around the blogosphere today: Live Loving Literature posts 'An Ode to the Brontës' and The Girl Amplifier writes some thoughts on a litterary obsession called Jane Eyre. Said novel is also the subject of a post on The Knight Agency. The Ambiguities discusses Villette.

For some beautiful, snowy sights of Brontë Country, we suggest you visit Adventures in wet boots and felixspencer2 on Flickr.

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  1. wow. I saw you visited my blog and read my post about Wuthering Heights. You must really hate me now:) I wish you had left a comment because I'm sure you could educate me on the beauty of the book, because, obviously I'm missing it, expecially if you have an entire site dedicated to her (and sisters)

  2. Oh, that's okay - everyone's entitled to their own opinion and Wuthering Heights is not a book for all. Thanks for stopping by.