Thursday, December 18, 2008

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As we posted before, Paper Movie Books (South Africa) has published an adaptation of Jane Eyre
We are independant publishers who bring books to you like never before, half text, half graphic novel. This technique allows us to delve deeper than normal graphic novels, and be more visual than plain text.
These are the details:
Jane Eyre
The journey of a young woman looking to find her place in the world, is one of the greatest love stories ever told.

Text by Kate McCabe
Illustrated by Vicky Fourie
Picture editor and cover Lisa Millet
Editor Sheena
ISBN number: 978-0-9802597-6-6
The first ten pages can be seen here and the full book can be downloaded from ($6.25).

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  1. What a great initiative! They are surely thinking outside the box. Thanks for the mention Cristina, hope it is of value to your readers.


  2. Hi Esther,

    If you like that kind of thing, you might want to check Classical Comics' Jane Eyre as well :) Here's a link to our review in case you're interested: