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Last Spring's performances of the ballet Jane Eyre by the London Children's Ballet have appeared recently on DVD:
Jane Eyre - The London Children's Ballet (DVD)

Choreographer: Nicole Tongue
Music: Julia Gomelskaya
Costumes: Aya Murayama

# Studio: LCB Productions
# DVD Release Date: 31 Jul 2008
# Run Time: 97 minutes

Filmed live at the Peacock Theatre in London in 2008, this 97 minute children's ballet, based Charlotte Brontë's famous novel, tells the story of Jane Eyre's hard life which finally ends in happiness when she marries the Byronic Mr. Rochester.
London Children's Ballet has adapted Jane Eyre to appeal to a young audience. The story starts with Jane aged 10 living with her cruel cousins and follows her through her years at Lowood Charity School and on to her life as a Governess at Thornfield Hall. Aspiring young dancers will be captivated by the beautiful costumes of the ball and thrilled and amazed by the dramatic great fire scene.
The 50 dancers of the London Children's Ballet are all aged between 9 and 16 years; choreography is by Nicole Tongue, and the original music by Julia Gomelskaya.
A youtube video can be found here.

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