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The Guardian discusses the state of period dramas after Lost in Austen. The forthcoming Wuthering Heights for ITV by Mammoth Screen is mentioned:
Two of his colleagues - Michele Buck, controller of ITV productions, and Damien Timmer, executive producer on Where The Heart Is and Touching Evil at United Productions - decided to follow suit, setting up Mammoth Productions, which appears to be heralding a new era in ITV drama by itself; it's responsible for Lost in Austen as well as the forthcoming remake of The Prisoner and a retelling of Wuthering Heights. (Stephen Armstrong)
The keyword here is 'retelling'. Weird.

The Telegraph and Argus has an article on 'A Bradford magistrate [who] has had an emotional re-union with an organ he first played 50 years ago in a Manningham Church'. The story includes a Brontë connection:
[The organ] was originally donated to the Manningham Church by the McTurk sisters who’s [sic] father Dr McTurk had tended to Charlotte Bronte at the end of her life. (Paddy McGuffin)
And a couple of recommended blog posts for today: Wuthering Expectations talks about two novels Wuthering Heights seems reminiscent of, and Book-a-holic reviews Wide Sargasso Sea.

As a final note, if you read on the net that today/this week is the anniversary of the publication of Jane Eyre in 1847, don't believe it. Jane Eyre was published on October 16, 1847.

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