Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Jane Eyre could stomach

The Times carries an article about literacy levels in Scotland and use a Charlotte-to-Charlotte reference:

Rankin has pointed out that he spent much of his childhood reading comics, and it wasn’t until he was older that he progressed to books. But there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of thought about how to encourage children to make the transition from Charlotte Church to Charlotte Bronte. (Gillian Bowditch)
The Huddersfield Daily Examiner proposes a quiz to their readers with a non-trivial Brontë question:
Which English county was Maria Branwell, mother of the Bronte sisters from? (Phil Brown)
The answer at the end of this post :p.

The San Antonio Express-News carries an article about the signs of social decay through the ages. The author seems to have read his Brontës:
The barbarized court of the Lower Roman Empire would have made Caesar Augustus throw up, and I doubt if the fictional Jane Eyre could stomach some social gatherings today. (T.R. Fehrenbach)
Diário de Nordeste (Brazil) interviews Spanish writer Rosa Montero. Her book Historias de Mujeres appears in Brazil:
Retornando no tempo, você escreveu sobre as irmãs Brönte (sic). Elas também foram capazes de tomar as piores atitudes?
São outros exemplos de mulheres fascinantes e de vidas terríveis, acometidas por doenças, falecidas muito jovens. Mulheres geniais, fortes, ambiciosas, complexas. Também gosto de pessoas assim: com certeza foram capazes de cair em erros e paixões, como todos nós, mas não são totalmente obscuras. (Google translation)
Le Devoir has an article (just for subscribers) about Charlotte Brontë and Jean Rhys's possible points in common:
En cherchant un peu, on peut trouver des points de similitude entre les oeuvres de Jean Rhys et de Charlotte Brontë. Ces mondes littéraires, séparés par le temps et la géographie, se rejoignent en partie par la sensibilité exacerbée de leurs créatrices. (Google translation) (Gilles Archanbault)
Le Figaro discovers another Brontëite. French actress Virginie Ledoyen:
Elle dévore aussi avec passion les sœurs Brontë, Henry James, Edith Wharton, Virginia Woolf, et se verrait bien, en bonne fan de Tanizaki et de Mishima, finir ses jours à Kyoto, en vieille femme hantée par la présence éblouissante du Pavillon d’or. (Google Translation) (Justine Foscari)
The Belgian Weekend interviews Cécile Ladjali whose latest novel Les vies d'Emily Pearl is compared to the Brontës.

Davesdistrictblog posts a nice picture of Haworth's churchyard. Poethead's Weblog discusses Wide Sargasso Sea. In Which our Hero discusses Geraldine Fitzgerald's performance as Isabella in Wuthering Heights 1939.

Answer: Cornwall.

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