Friday, December 07, 2007

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As you know, see our sidebar, BrontëBlog has an ongoing campaign to give George Smith a blue plaque in the building where he published Charlotte Brontë's works. So far, the campaign is going well and hopefully the building will display a shining blue plaque eventually (check here for updates).

The Telegraph & Argus asks their readers for possible places to mark with a Blue Plaque in the Bradford area. And The Old Bell Chapel in Thornton is one of the proposed ones:
One of the first responses to the appeal came from Steve Stanworth, who put forward the Old Bell Chapel, at Thornton.
Mr Stanworth, site co-ordinator for the Old Bell Chapel Action Group, said: "This is the place where Patrick Bronte was minister from 1815 to 1820 before moving to Haworth.
"Four of the Bronte children were christened in the chapel after being born in the Bronte house on Market Street, in Thornton.
"Members of the Old Bell Chapel Action group have been clearing the grounds for the last six years ,and we are now reaping the benefits of this with more and more visitors to the site.
"I think this is an important part of Bradford's heritage and as such deserves consideration for a blue plaque." (Will Kilner)
More information about the Old Bell Chapel Action Group activities, here.

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