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Alexei Sayle writes in The Belfast Telegraph about the current obsession with health and safety protocols. A good excuse for an evocative image:
According to BBC guidelines, if we're in the street the crew are supposed to wear these things [high-visibility jackets] – presumably so they won't be run over. There is even a proposal that if you are filming a costume drama the cast and crew should also wear this safety gear: so, in future, Catherine Earnshaw would have to wear a hard hat and high-vis jacket when she's wandering around Wuthering Heights.
Juliet's Books publishes the new cover of the upcoming book by Laura Joh Rowland: The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Brontë.

Several blogs report the books tagged as "unread" in LibraryThing. Regrettably Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights appear in the top-20 on this list:
6. Wuthering Heights (110)
16. Jane Eyre (80)
237. Villette (30)
463. Shirley (20)
696. The Professor (16)
826. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (14)
1310. Agnes Grey (11)
And a book that deserves be in the unread category: 7963. The Crimes of Charlotte Brontë by James Tully (3)

On BookStove "a comprehensive comparison of the two main male characters of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights" is posted. Slanted recommends Jane Eyre 2006. 19th Century British Lit on Film reviews Luis Buñuel's Abismos de Pasión.

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