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The publication of the BBC's Annual Report and its conclusions appear on several newspapers today. Notably, The Times specifies that:
The Annual Report also praised dramas Life On Mars and Doctor Who as examples of what the BBC does best. The Jane Eyre adaptation, Billie Piper drama Ruby In The Smoke, documentary series Trawlermen and Stephen Fry’s The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive were also hailed as success stories.
Jane Eyre 2006 is quoted in the BBC's annual report in several places:
How we spent your £10.96 monthly licence fee ?
£7.54 helped pay for over 4,800 hours of programmes each month across eight TV channels, ranging from high quality drama (eg Life on Mars, Jane Eyre, Torchwood) to factual output (eg Planet Earth, The Power of Art) and children’s programmes (eg Charlie and Lola, Jackanory). (...)
Review of services
This year, our reputation for high-quality programmes has been market-leading, drawing critical acclaim alongside audience recognition. From Planet Earth to the World Cup summer to Life on Mars, creative ideas teamed with the best production techniques have attracted large audiences.The launch of the high-definition trial – showcasing programmes such as Great British Summer, Torchwood and Jane Eyre demonstrated the richness of this technology. (...)
Other ambitious dramas included an adaptation of Jane Eyre, (...) Ruth Wilson appeared as the heroine and Toby Stephens as the infamous Mr Rochester in this popular adaptation of the classic novel, giving a boost to Sunday evening ratings. 4 outof5 people in the UK watch BBC One.

The popularity of Jane Eyre 2006 is quite formidable. Right now (see our sidebar) it's being aired in Taiwan and in Iran (we are very grateful to Mahnaz for this information)

We wonder why Evening (2006) is constantly compared to Wuthering Heights. The Hollywood News says:

The past is set in a Newport, Rhode Island mansion overlooking the sea and rocky cliffs of Wuthering Heights. (Victoria Alexander)
Remember The Campesinos!'s song Don't Tell Me To Do the Maths and its Jane Eyre connection? Salon chooses it as the song of the day, available as a podcast.

Finally, The Literary Life comments on Jane Eyre whereas Euphrosyne is reading it, MyBookRack talks about Wide Sargasso Sea and The Critical Mass reviews Jacques Tourneur's I walked with a zombie (1943) with more than obvious Jane Eyre similarities. On this blog, you can find what seems to be a description of the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Russian.

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