Monday, January 08, 2007

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The BBC4 Brontë weekend seems to have an appendix today. We read on the BBC4 listings that today, January 8, another documentary will be aired:

The Brontës' Yorkshire

Anna Massey and local historian Ian Dewhurst visit parts of Yorkshire associated with the Brontë family and the writings of the sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne. [S]

Mon 8 Jan, 19:00-19:30 30mins Mono

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  1. Once again ,interesting programme visited Hartshead but omitted Thornton completly ,Shame really .We in Thornton are trying to promote our bronte connections but keep getting overlooked .We felt like the missing link watching and hoping for some kind of recognition for the birthplace of the brontes.

  2. It's a shame indeed. We have visited Thornton and it is a lovely village. The place does deserve recognition and hopefully it won't be too long until it's achieved.

    The Brontës were very happy there :)