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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Flaunt features author Joyce Carol Oates.
Oates considers on the learning lessons inherent to fiction. “You go back into another era. And then when you go back into your own life, you compare, and you can see how different things were and sort of feel it, rather than just an intellectual apprehension of it, which you get by reading non-fiction. But if you’re really reading, say, Jane Eyre, or Jane Austen, you have the emotions. I think that we learn so much from fiction that we can’t in any other way.” (Franchesca Baratta)
David Britton, managing director of David Britton Estates, said: “I love properties with a rich heritage and a tale to tell, and Mossgill House ticks all the boxes. The connection to the Brontë family is fascinating; parts of Mossgill are a direct replica of The Parsonage, which is now a popular tourist attraction.
“This property is substantial, with an acre of fantastic grounds. It’s full of history, charm, and a real touch of class.” Built around 1747, the architect behind Mossgill was the same man who designed the Parsonage at Haworth. Patrick Brontë was a good friend of the Rev. William Fawcett, a Baptist Minister who lived in Mossgill House at that time and he frequently used to visit.
The electric guitar featured on Kate Bush's 1978 debut Wuthering Heights is expected to fetch up to £10,000 at auction.
The 1974 Les Paul Custom belonged to guitarist Ian Bairnson, who played the solo at the end of Wuthering Heights while his arm was in a plaster cast. (Janelle Borg)
The latest news about the Brontë's very own square at Koekelberg on the Brussels Brontë Blog.


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