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Saturday, January 28, 2023

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China Daily reports the death of renowned Chinese translator Yang Yi at 104.
Yang was born in Tianjin in 1919 and began publishing her translations in 1936. Huxiaoshanzhuang, the Chinese name of Wuthering Heights, was one notable example. She also wrote many original works which were translated into multiple languages and published overseas. Her efforts greatly influenced the development of Chinese contemporary literature.
MovieWeb picks Andrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights as one of the 'Most Beautiful Movies Filmed Across Britain'.
16 Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Heights is a book-to-movie adaption from the classic novel by Emily Bronte. The Earnshaw family rescue a young boy out of poverty and take him into their home. The boy develops quite an intense relationship with his younger foster sister, and that’s when this gothic romantic drama really gets going. The story was quite controversial when the book was first published as it challenged Victorian societal values and the morality of the time.
Filming for Wuthering Heights took place in several well-known North Yorkshire locations, including Cotescue Park and Thwaite. Any movie filmed in Yorkshire, also known as God’s Own Country, is going to be filled to the brim with the most gorgeous country scenes. Stunning images of the wind-swept moors highlight the dramatic British landscape which becomes as much a part of the narrative as the actors themselves. (Lisa Ward)
Cracked lists '5 People Who Died Proving Dumb Points' and repeats Elizabeth Gaskell's (probably false) claims that Branwell Brontë died standing up.
1 The Brontë Brother Made It a Point to Die Standing Up
You’ve all heard of Charlotte Brontë, and Emily Brontë, and maybe Anne Brontë. Today, let’s spare a thought for Branwell Brontë, the forgotten brother. True, he never wrote any books, but he did paint. For example, he did the painting below, which... uh, actually, looking at it, maybe it’s for the best that we’ve all forgotten Branwell Brontë. 
Branwell didn’t do a whole during his life. One time, he got fired because he left to go drinking and someone robbed the place while he was gone. Then when he was 31, he came down with a fatal condition known as “being in the 19th century,” or a combination of tuberculosis and opium addiction. On September 24, 1848, he declared that to show the power of will, he was going to die standing up. And so, he got up and stood, to die. 
You might be tempted to say, “Hey, if human will is so strong, how about you put some of that will toward the goal of not dying.” Still, standing to die made for quite a story. And who has a better story than Branwell the Brontë? (Ryan Menezes)
De Standaard (Belgium) interviews the writer Fleur Jaeggy and quotes from her latest book De waterstandbeelden:
Ondertussen liep een man, die niet aan Beeklams aandacht was ontsnapt, donker gekleed en met een witte sierlijst rond zijn hals, het park in, het leek alsof hij een paar tellen eerder de arm van Emily Brontë had losgelaten, nadat hij elke boom een naam had gegeven. (Translation)
Aftenposten (Norway) reviews the Oslo performances of Wuthering Heights. According to Men's Health (Spain), Jane Eyre is one of actor Pedro Pascal's favourite books.


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