Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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The Mercury News review Emma Rice's Wuthering Heights.
What’s bracing is how Rice explores not only the way society perpetuates its brutality over generations but also what happens on a personal level when grudges harden into hatred and a cycle of violence becomes inevitable. It’s a sobering theme in our polarized time.
Framed by Rice’s signature gift for low-tech magic, this three-hour staging flutters by as whimsically as the birds crafted out of books and the skeletal puppet dogs. [...]
To be sure, holiday shows often evoke hope but this ending isn’t cheap or mawkish. It’s a tiny glimmer of redemption that feels as fully earned and deeply restorative as it is romantic. Sigh. (Karen D’Souza)
Daily Mail gives the results of a recent poll 'to celebrate the Amazon Literary Partnership'. At the very top is Jane Austen but
Other great writers chosen by voters were Charlotte and Emily Brontë, Terry Pratchett, Thomas Hardy and Mary Shelley.
The New Yorker mentions Fernande Olivier, 'Picasso’s first great love', who
 like Jane Eyre, was raised by a mean aunt who favored her own daughter;
Le Soir (Belgium) features film director Alice Diop, who says that one of her favourite books is Jane Eyre.


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