Saturday, July 30, 2022

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Celebrate Emily Brontë's birthday at the Parsonage:

Emily Brontë's Summer Birthday Bash

Saturday 30th July, 11-4
The Old School Room, Church St, Haworth, Keighley BD22 8DR, UK

Join us to celebrate the anniversary of Emily Brontë's birth on Saturday July 30th. From 11-4pm we have lots of exciting events, from Clothes Swap to Lino Printing workshop. Come down to Haworth and immerse yourself in the creative world of the Brontes, by listening to talks and learning new skills (and having a slice of cake too!).

All day, The Big Brontë Clothes Swap
Main Old School Room, Free Entry

After the success of our first Clothes Swap in March, we are hosting a second clothes swap of the year. The Clothes Swap will take place in the Old School Room, where Charlotte and Emily Brontë taught needlework. There will be tables, rails and hangers ready for you to bring your unwanted clothes and accessories, and throughout the afternoon you will be able to swap, trade and donate clothes, finding treasures in another person’s ‘trash’.
Beth Turner-Pembleton will be joining us to run a Fix Up corner where you can come and ask for advice, and learn creative ways to revitalise items of clothing. With free plant based tea, coffee, and cake, the Big Brontë Clothes Swap is an afternoon for the community to come together.
This event is free, just bring along some clothes and get ready to swap!

12-2pm, Lino Printing Workshop
Small Old School Room, £10

Join Beccy Powell from @cutandcurve for a guided lino carving and printing workshop. Carve and create your very own linocut design, and come away with bright and bold prints. Be inspired by the work of Emily Brontë and have the chance to print onto old pages of Wuthering Heights.

To book a ticket, please use the online booking form on the left hand side, or ring 01535 640192 or email via Other events on the day are free, so come along to those before or after!

2:30-3:15pm, Emily Brontë's Poetry - talk and performance
Small Old School room, Free entry

We will be delving into the world of Emily Brontë's poetry, discussing the words she uses and the images they conjure. At the end of the talk we will be joined by Beth Turner-Pembleton for a short piece of spoken word, drawing on notions of identity through clothing, memory and mending.

This event will take place Saturday 30th July, 11-4pm, at The Old School Room, Church St, Haworth, Keighley BD22 8DR.
The Big Brontë Clothes Swap and talks are free entry, just turn up on the day.
The Lino Printing Workshop is ticketed at £10. Please book online or call 01535 640192.

EDIT: A few websites also celebrate Emily Brontë's anniversary: actualno (Bulgaria), Muy Interesante (Spain, wrong picture, though).. 


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