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Digital Trends looks into 'Literature’s best queer-coded characters' and according to them,
Even Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre can be seen through a queer lens, particularly in her formative experiences pre-Rochester. (David Caballero)
Mathrubhumi features a forest library called Wuthering Heights:
Wuthering Heights is a novel that's still in my heart from my college days. The love story of Cathy and Heathcliff touched my heart over these years. Later, the post appeared on my Facebook page on September 23, 2021. It went like, 'I will build a house beside a crawling path and name it 'Wuthering Heights.' Surrounded by a forest near a stream where deers will come to drink. Some distance away, I will build a shed with a room with glass roofs where 50,000 books will be scattered around. There will be bamboo chairs and neon lights all over the campus. People read for hours, and after their eyes hurt, they will go to sleep. Some may be crying but will fall asleep gazing at the sky.' Exactly 14 days later, I saw a place near the Kuttiyadi-Wayanad pass as same as what I wrote and imagined. I had no other option but to buy it, and that is Wuthering Heights. [...]
Bronte sisters' room
A room is exclusively arranged for the works of the Brontë sisters namely Anne Brontë, Charlotte Brontë, and Emily Brontë. This will be used as a study room with a Victorian atmosphere. Many people like Prof. Nagesh, Sheeba, Bindu, Prof. Salil Varma, Fathima, Priya, Abida, and Sajan, teachers, and cultural activists have contributed books to this library. (Babitha Manningappalliyali)
El cultural (Spain) looks into several films that have an 'upstairs, downstairs' approach to the story.
Buena parte de la producción cinematográfica sobre aristócratas y vasallos tiene un origen literario, casi siempre en clave de drama romántico. Desde las múltiples adaptaciones de la novela Jane Eyre de Charlotte Brontë –de Alma rebelde (Robert Stevenson, 1943), con Orson Welles y Joan Fontaine, a las versiones de Franco Zeffirelli de 1996 o de Cory Joji Fukunaga en 2011–. . . (Javier Yuste) (Translation)
FarOut Magazine ranks 'Kate Bush’s 10 best songs' and Wuthering Heights makes it to number 3.
3. ‘Wuthering Heights
Inspired largely by the BBC adaptation of Wuthering Heights instead of the Emily Brontë novel, the track that launched Kate Bush was written in the leafy South London suburb in the summer of ’77. As London was swollen with the vicious angst of punk, Kate Bush was creating a masterful pop record: “There was a full moon, the curtains were open, and it came quite easily,” Bush told her fan club in 1979.
Bush’s iconography only grew from this moment. Her employment of dance, mime, theatricality began to herald in a new era for pop music. Still, nobody could have predicted, least of all the teenage Bush herself, how successful ‘Wuthering Heights’ would become. That people like you and I would be still so enchanted by its whimsical nature, high octave notes and the sheer fantasy it inspires.
It even landed Bush with the wonderful accolade of being the first woman to top the UK charts with a song written and performed by herself. A landmark moment in a glittering career that has always shined. (Jack Whatley)
AnneBrontë.org puts the spotlight on 'Patrick Brontë’s Letter From Flossy To Charlotte'.


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