Friday, June 17, 2022

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A party and a bit of reading:
The Analysis of Jane Eyre's Final Choice as to her Marriage
Huan He
International Journal of Social Science and Education Research ; 5卷6期 (2022 / 06 / 01)  p33 - 44

Charlotte Brontë published the novel Jane Eyre that has been esteemed as a celebrated and well‐liked English novel across the world due to its exquisite languages, intriguing plots, unforgettable characters, advanced views on feminism as well as Gothic elements, etc. Scholars who have taken great interest in it have never halted their steps in studying it from various perspectives. This paper focuses on analyzing the ultimate causes that Jane Eyre finally chooses Edward Fairfax Rochester over St. John Rivers by analyzing plenty quotes and comparing the two men's appearance, personality, their emotions for Jane Eyre as well as the protagonist's views on them.

Kirstin Mills
Faculty of Arts

Jane Eyre is a story that still haunts us 175 years after its publication. Gothic literature specialist Kirstin Mills explores what it is about this strange novel that keeps us coming back to it, and also reviews a new stage adaptation.


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