Thursday, May 26, 2022

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The original music for the Wuthering Heights production devised by Emma Rice and the Wise Children Company will get an MP3 release, courtesy of Broadway Records. We read on Playbill:
Broadway Records has released a recording of Wise Children's production of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights recorded at London's Lyttleton Theatre. Adapted and directed by Emma Rice, the musical is available for digital download.
The cast is led by Lucy McCormick as Cathy and Ash Hunter as Heathcliff, with Sam Archer, Nandi Bhebhe, Mirabelle Gremaud, Stephanie Hockley, TJ Holmes, Craig Johnson, Jordan Laviniere, Katy Owen, Tama Phethean, and Witney White. Musicians include Sid Goldsmith on guitar, Holmes on cello, Johnson on accordion, musical director Nadine Lee on drums, and Renell Shaw on double bass/electric bass.
The recording, released in partnership with London's National Theatre, features arrangements by Ian Ross and additional arrangem
ents by Goldsmith, Lee, and Shaw. The album is produced by Ian Ross and Simon Baker, engineered by Charlie Simpson and James O’Shea with mixing by Baker and mastering by Michael Fossenkemper. (...)
The track listing follows:

1. "I Am the Moor"
2. "Feral Joy"
3. "Bluebell"
4. "Cut Through the Dirt"
5. "Cathy’s Curse"
6. "Are You Still Hungry"
7. "All Hushed and Still"
8. "Paper Love"
9. "Home"   (Andrew Gans)


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