Saturday, May 28, 2022

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 A recent paper on Charlotte Brontë 
Dr. Anand Kumar
Assistant Professor of English, Prarambh State Institute for Advance Studies and Teaching, Jhajjar Haryana, India
Expression Journal, Vol. 6 Issue 1 (February 2020) 

The novel writing becomes a major preoccupation with the writers of the Victorian Age. But the novelists of the Victorian Age could not be as direct, frank, and explicit as William Black, Keats, Shelly and Byron in their depiction of love. The Victorian beliefs about love, Romance, and sexuality were quite oppressive. The theme which dominated the nineteenth century fiction was the rejection of stereotyped insipid image of Victorian Heroine, whose personality was founded on chastity and rejection of the general belief that woman can reach happiness through her relationships. The advocates of this theme were Mrs. Gaskell, the Brontë sisters, Thackeray in some moods, George Eliot and in part even Dickens. Out of these writers, Charlotte Brontë’s women characters are the victim of the patriarchal hegemony. She lost her mother when she was merely one years old and after that she was much attached with her sisiters. She wrote only two novels and her novels are replete with the emotions and feelings of the women of the age in which they lived.


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