Monday, November 29, 2021

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Nation.Cymru reviews The Cormorant by Stephen Gregory.
The story opens with the cormorant being delivered to the cottage on a crisp October evening. The nephew (protagonist) quickly takes it upon himself to feed and entertain the bird in whichever way he can, promising to keep it away from his wife and son. The wife takes no special interest in its arrival, dismissing it as an ugly and monstrous creature, a little too unusual for a pet. “The cormorant was a Heathcliff, a Rasputin, a Dracula.” It is kept in the family’s backyard in confinement, alongside a white crate and some straw for warmth. Sadly, no amount of warmth seems to abate the true and raw nature of the bird as it injures the author multiple times in the story. (Shamita Patharkar)
AnneBrontë.org focuses on the death of Ellen Nussey on 26th November 1897.

And finally, something to cheer up your Monday courtesy of the Brontë Parsonage Twitter. The Parsonage in the snow:


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