Saturday, November 20, 2021

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According to The Telegraph, Leeds is Britain's most underrated city break.
Smaller than Manchester and Birmingham, it is not only the gateway to the southern Yorkshire Dales, Brontë country, dramatic Malham Cove and Unesco-listed Fountains Abbey, but also an underappreciated destination in its own right. (Lorna Parkes)
The Washington Post reviews Lily King’s Five Tuesdays in Winter.
Writerly narrators abound. In “Creature,” 14-year-old Carol, a mother’s helper to a wealthy matriarch’s grandchildren, becomes swept up in the spell of Jane Eyre and the romantic notion of becoming a writer only to have her fantasy shattered when her employer’s married son crudely goes at her as if he “was doing some kitchen chore inside my bathing suit.” In the title story, a reticent bookstore owner falls for his employee. “He’d read about this feeling in novels, but he was sure he’d never experienced it.” Love drives him toward the closest we’ll get to a storybook ending. (Sara Lippmann)
On the Brussels Brontë Blog, Marina Saegerman reviews Charlotte & Arthur by Pauline Clooney.


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