Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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The Yorkshire Post reports that the 'Fundraising campaign to bring handwritten manuscripts back to Yorkshire raises £10,000 in first week'.
The campaign, led by the Brontë Parsonage in Haworth and the Brontë Society, is aiming to save items from the Honresfeld collection, which also includes literary treasures linked to Jane Austen and Robbie Burns, from being auctioned at Sothebys.The London auction house has offered a stay of execution to organisations connected with the authors to raise the £15m needed for the total collection to be saved for the public.
The Parsonage and the society’s campaign has a target of £25,000 to reach by the end of October, and on Sunday night some £9,686 had already been donated. (Victoria Finan)
Fundraising has now reached 40% of its goal and it's at £10,035. We're nearly halfway! If you can, please consider adding your donation here.

Theatre Weekly interviews TJ Holmes who plays Robert in Emma Rice's Wuthering Heights.
You’re starring in Wise Children’s tour of Wuthering Heights, what can you tell us about this adaptation?
I’m delighted to be a part of such a powerful production. It’s both epic and intimately human. A cosy night out this ain’t, but it feels deeply, rages brightly and holds a poignant hope amid the wreckage!
What has impressed you the most about the way Emma Rice has translated the classic story for the stage?
Emma’s adaptation reveals a relish for the Gothic melodrama of Brontë’s novel, while bringing out contemporary resonances which will really make it hit home for our audiences. She has also found moments of comedy and great beauty, so watching the show will be a rich experience [...]
What would you say to anyone thinking of coming to see Wuthering Heights?
If you’re after an evening of charming period drama, our Wuthering Heights might come as a bit of a shock. But, if you want a dark feast for the senses, if you hope to be thrilled, devastated and moved, join us and let’s run wild! (Greg Stewart)
The Nerd Daily has a Q&A with Lauren Blackwood, author of the new Jane Eyre retelling Within These Wicked Walls.
Where did the inspiration for Within These Wicked Walls come from?
Two entirely separate thoughts! One day I was watching Jane Eyre and wondered “Why isn’t this house actually haunted?” The Ethiopian folklore came from my love of going down the rabbit hole that is Google, haha! One day I found a scholarly journal about the evil eye, and from there the idea was born. (Elise Dumpleton)
The Times reviews the novel Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen: 
Some characters — fortunately, mostly minor — are lifeless and this is generally because Franzen has attempted to describe them. Dick, a former boyfriend of Marion, is barely discernible through the occluding miasma of cliché that hangs about him: “beetle-browed”, “husky-voiced”, “made her weak at the knees”, “the way she imagined Heathcliff” etc. (James Marriott)
Pictures of Haworth's recent Steampunk weekend on BBC News and The Telegraph and Argus.


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