Sunday, October 10, 2021

A columnist of the Deccan Herald (India) vindicates being petite:
But before consuming too much and growing to this unsustainable size, humanity had been more compact, including the grandest historical characters. Isaac Newton, Charlotte Brontë, Genghis Khan. (Shreya Sen-Handley)
The Independent (Ireland) lists some notable musical comebacks. Talking about Kate Bush:
Kate Bush was just 19 when she scored a UK number one with Wuthering Heights — a stunningly original song inspired by the Brontë novel and one of the strangest to ever top the charts. (John Meagher)
Today's word at the Martinsville Bulletin is moors :
TODAY‘S WORD is moors. Example: “Out on the wily, windy moors / We’d roll and fall in green.” (Source: Kate Bush, “Wuthering Heights”)
FRIDAY’S WORD was pine. It means to yearn intensely and persistently, especially for something unattainable. Example: “I pine a lot—I find the lot—Falls through without you” (Source: “Wuthering Heights”) (The Stroller)
Europa Sur (Spain) talks about the bottomless pits of the reality shows:
Ni una Emily Brontë dada al gin, agobiada por las necesidades económicas y escarmentada por el tibio recibimiento de su Wuthering Heights (Cumbres borrascosas) que hubiera decidido a la desesperada escribir un folletín desmelenado, una novela gótica enloquecida, un melodrama descarrilado que se llamara Dandruff Heights (Cumbres casposas) y le procurara éxito y dinero gracias a la acumulación de truculencias, situaciones inverosímiles y desmadres emocionales, lograría alcanzar los extremos folletinescos que el reality show o telerrealidad está alcanzando en el paroxismo de lo que tal vez sea el inicio de su declive. (Carlos Colón) (Translation)
Vanity Fair (Italy) interviews the playwright and novelist Yasmina Reza:
Stefania Saltalamacchia: Il suo primo amore letterario?
Y.R.: «Cime tempestose, Emily Brontë». (Translation)
Clm24 (Spain) and SOFREP describe Jane Eyre 2011 as the 'best Jane Eyre adaptation' and 'lavish' respectively.

Psyche discusses 'What Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist tell us about talking to strangers'. Day's YA reviews Lauren Blackwood's Within These Wicked Walls. Books Ireland Magazine publishes a poem by Martina Evans: Wuthering Heights. Penna e Calamaro (in Italian) posts about Wuthering Heights ('Wuthering Heights è la storia di un amore malato?').


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