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The London Review of  Books reviews Bear (1976) by Marian Engel:
In one letter Engel speaks of her preference for Emily Brontë over Charlotte, which is easy to suspect. Cathy froths at the mouth and gets down on all fours, she is a creature, but she is also unencumbered by our scratchiest and most hated hereditary garment: shame. The voice in her head is her own, and what it says is I want, I want. Ask her to do the dishes, and she’ll smash them at your feet one by one. (Patricia Lockwood)
An alert from the Lewiston Morning Tribune:
The nonprofit rural Palouse theater group APOD Productions will hold auditions for the Broadway musical “Jane Eyre” Aug. 16 and 17 in Moscow.
Auditions are between 6 and 8 p.m. Aug. 16 at the Bridge Bible Fellowship Church, 960 W. Palouse River Drive, and Aug. 17 at the 1912 Center, 412 E. Third St. Auditioners can arrive anytime during the time slot and should prepare a one-minute section of a Broadway-style song and bring a completed audition form. Forms are available by emailing Rebecca at People also may submit video auditions. More details are available online at
LeedsLive gives reasons to visit the mighty White Rose city: 
Check out the Brontë village of Haworth and the surrounding Brontë country. (Dave Himelfield)
Brainerd Dispatch recommends some summer readings:
A Long Fatal Love Chase” by Louisa May Alcott (...)
Alcott makes her love of Charlotte Brontë’s classic “Jane Eyre” apparent throughout “A Long Fatal Love,” which is perhaps why I enjoyed the novel as much as I did. (Theresa Bourke)

Prestige interviews beauty and wellness guru Lisa Chan:

Chan’s own role models include Helen Keller, Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie and Emily Jane Brontë, influential women who also helped shape her own concept of beauty. (Stephanie Ip)
The best way to express what we think about it is an emoji: 🙄 .

The Global Times (China) crossword includes a Brontë question:
 Brontë heroine Jane
The Daily Mail publishes the obituary of the actress Anne Stallybrass:
Anne's best known theatre role was playing Charlotte Brontë in in Noel Robinson's Glasstown on a national tour, followed by a 1973 run at the Westminster Theatre. (Ciara Farmer)
Wonderland Magazine reviews Eleanor K's track All In:
Having found great success with her band, Crystal Fighters, artist Eleanor K is stepping out on her own as she embraces the music industry as a solo artist with her new soulful track “All In”. With a music video depicting a setting similar to that of “Wuthering Heights” and starring actor, Jack Fox, the artist makes it clear that artistry and cinematic explorations of her tunes will be offered to her fans.
Entertainment Weekly publishes an excerpt from the novel Book Lovers by Emily Henry:
I do not like him. If I'm the archetypical City Person, he is the Dour, Unappeasable Stick-in-the-Mud. He's Ebenezer Scrooge, second-act Heathcliff, the worst parts of Mr. Knightley. (Selja Rankin)
Il Passaparola dei Libri (Italy) reviews Agnes Grey:
Agnes Grey è un romanzo a tutto tondo, vittoriano nella scrittura ma contemporaneo negli afflati narrativi. Chiunque di noi si sia scontrato con una società ostile può ritrovarsi nelle vicissitudini di Agnes.
Per questo, mi sento di consigliare la lettura di questo breve ma intenso romanzo. Se avete amato Jane Eyre, non potete lasciarvi scappare questa perla. (Alessandra Basile) (Translation)
CineBlog (Italy) traces some of the influences of the film Labyrinth 1986: 
Tra le fonti d’ispirazione del film oltre ai racconti di Medak ci sono Il mago di Oz, le fiabe dei fratelli Grimm, mentre il Jareth di David Bowie è stato influenzato dall’Heathcliff di Cime tempestose, il Rochester di Jane Eyre e “La primula rossa”, ciclo di romanzi di Emma Orczy, mentre il look e i costumi di Bowie sono stati influenzati dal teatro Kabuki. (Pietro Ferraro) (Translation)


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