Sunday, July 11, 2021

The actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja does a fashion shoot for Vogue India:
What did we say earlier about Kapoor Ahuja’s favourites? Stopping by a cosy bookshop, the actor marks the outing with a printed, dull pink dress and a blue blazer. The rolled-up sleeves channel the end-of-day winding down business formal look. Tying the browns with her belt, boots, and handbag, she presents a new-age librarian attire that we stan. Her authors of choice? The Brontë Sisters. ( Akanksha Kamath and Shloka Mehta)
The Sunday Times is all about female killers: 
At Sunday school I learnt that Eve was a temptress. In history lessons Anne Boleyn was a manipulative social climber. And when I read Jane Eyre, I concluded that Bertha was mad without giving much thought as to why (it took Wide Sargasso Sea to fix that). (Bella Mackie)
According to What's on Netflix:
One for the period drama fans, if you love Charlotte Brontë novels then The Cook of Castamar is perfect for you. (Jacob Robinson)
Mancunian Matters reports the struggle to survive the pandemic of places like Elizabeth Gaskell's house:
This has been particularly bad for the smaller, lesser known sites, which had often struggled to get much attention even before the pandemic.
Nestled away in a leafy street in Ardwick, behind the better known Whitworth Gallery and the Royal Infirmary, is 84 Plymouth Grove, the house of celebrated Victorian writer Elizabeth Gaskell, contemporary to the Brontë sisters and to Charles Dickens. (Daniel Goldstraw)
Woman & Home interviews the journalist Emma John who is 'single and happy':
I’m in my 40s now, and I still haven’t met the love of my life. I grew up with as many romantic expectations as the next woman—I read Jane Eyre and Bridget Jones’s Diary, fell in love with Mr Rochester and Mark Darcy  (Sharon Sweeney)
Elle (France) interviews the writer Maylis de Merengal:
J'ai eu, comme beaucoup, ce moment anglais à 20 ans : Jane Austen, les sœurs Brontë… C'est un défi, le vrai roman d'amour. (Marion Ruggeri) (Translation)
El Heraldo de Aragón interviews actress and writer Itziar Miranda:
Luis Alegre: ¿Qué libros o películas le deslumbraron?
Tantos. Podía ver los números musicales de ‘Cantando bajo la lluvia’ millones de veces; recuerdo sentirme mayor después de leer ‘El banquete de Platón’ y engancharme mucho con ‘Jane Eyre’. (Translation)
Harper's Bazaar (Spain) and more fashion advice:
Una creación que nos transporta también a películas como Expiación o Jane Eyre donde la delicadeza de los encajes y las sedas usadas para la creación de su vestuario hacen de estas cintas verdaderas obras de arte de la costura. (Carmen Raya) (Translation)

The Brontë Babe publishes a tribute to the Brontës in the form of flash fiction. 


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