Saturday, July 10, 2021

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 A zoom alert from the Australian Brontë Association for today, July 10:

Australian Brontë Association
Saturday 10th July 10.30am on ZOOM

by Christine Jack

Charlotte Brontë experienced significant trauma across her life and incorporated many aspects of it into "Jane Eyre". Her understanding of the experience of trauma including that arising from abuse as well as the journey of recovery is remarkable given that it was well before the development of any relevant theory. The project being discussed in this talk involves application of contemporary trauma theory to aspects of the lives of Charlotte's and her fictional characters, Jane Eyre and Adèle Varens. After a brief coverage of the methodology being used in this project and some key theoretical understandings, examples related to each of the characters will be presented. They illustrate her insights as well as a blind spot that exemplifies intergenerational trauma.


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