Saturday, July 10, 2021

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Publisher's Weekly interviews writer Mimi Matthews, whose forthcoming novel John Eyre is to be released at the end of this month.
For example, at the end of 2019, I took a break from historical romances to write my upcoming supernatural Gothic novel John Eyre—a partially gender-flipped retelling of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. It was an abrupt detour, but one I was free to take. I’m not sure I’d have had that luxury if I wasn’t indie. (Mary M. Jones)
Coincidentally, Between the Lines reviews John Eyre.

The Canberra Times reviews the book Madam by Phoebe Wynn.
British author Phoebe Wynn taught classics in the UK and English Language and Literature in Paris, before deciding to write full time.
She has said that she loves British Gothic, particularly Jane Eyre, which she describes as "one of the great original gothic novels". (Anna Creer)
The Guardian has an obituary of actress Anne Stallybrass reminding readers of the fact that,
One of her best roles was Charlotte Brontë in the premiere of Noel Robinson’s play Glasstown on a national tour, followed by a run at London’s Westminster theatre, in 1973. (Anthony Hayward)
Los 40 (Spain) lists 15 books to be read at least once in a lifetime. One of them is Wuthering Heights.
3. Cumbres borrascosas, de Emily Brontë
En 1847, cuando Emily Bontë publicó Cumbres borrascosas con un pseudónimo la crítica no la apreció. Sin embargo, el tiempo le ha otorgado un lugar privilegiado a esta obra literaria y la ha convertido en un imprescindible. En Cumbres Borrascosas los protagonistas son el amor, el odio, el rencor y la pasión, todas a partes iguales. (Carolina Martínez) (Translation)
The Garden section of Financial Times clarifies something:
My recent winners are pure white Deutzia monbeigii, commemorating a French Catholic missionary in China, and Pride of Rochester, commemorating Rochester, New York, not Jane Eyre’s lover. (Robin Lane Fox)


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