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It's all about places where Anne Brontë didn't actually stay. On a list of '10 of Britain’s best pubs with rooms in spectacular walking country',  The Guardian claims that,
In the Yorkshire countryside between Harrogate and York, this smart, food-focused pub [The Alice Hawthorn, Nun Monkton, North Yorkshire] recently added accommodation for the first time. The old Grade II-listed stone building sits on the village green of Nun Monkton, on the confluence of the rivers Ouse and Nidd, whose prime attraction is England’s tallest maypole. Really it’s the walking that people come for. Trails from the door are depicted in the pub’s handy booklet, including a substantial eight-miler to the Monks House, where Ann[Sic] Brontë lived with her brother Branwell. (Gemma Bowes)
Well, it was only Branwell staying at Monk's House. Anne slept in the main house, Thorp Green Hall.

And according to Yorkshire Live, the Grand Hotel in Scarborough
opened in 1867 and has welcomed guests including Winston Churchill, author Anne Brontë and poet Edith Sitwell. (Charles Gray)
Just the date alone gives it away, since Anne died in 1849. There's a Blue Plaque with her name on the façade but it says that Anne 'died on a house on this site'. So not the actual Grand Hotel, but a previous building called Wood's Lodgings (No. 2, The Cliff).

'Four Portraits of Charlotte Brontë' on AnneBrontë.org


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