Saturday, May 29, 2021

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A new video work was recently presented:

Jane Eyre, Los Angeles (9'24'', 2021) is a new video work by LA artist Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik and NYC artist Coco Klockner. 

Their film draws on the story of Jane Eyre to tie a thread between trans-femininity, colonialism, and destructive wildfires in Southern California. It was shot in Los Angeles in September 2020, when images of the eerie orange haze created by massive forest fires in California and Oregon spread around the world. In a greater context, the work speaks to ideas and questions of narrative, ecological survival, disaster, queerness, transness, and our imagination othe future. 

An excerpt of the video can be seen here:

A Panel Discussion about Jane Eyre, Los Angeles with the artists and two art historians took place last May:


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