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New Brontë-related scholar publications:

Passion and Feeling versus Religion and ‘Pure’ Affection in Jane Eyre
Edberg, Natalie
Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor)

The purpose of this essay is to investigate the protagonist and narrator in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, it explores how Jane to a certain extent both represents and challenges the norms set by the Victorian society since it was during this time that the novel was published. By taking a closer look at the novel in relation to Victorian society’s norms and ideals the essay will show that the conflict that Jane faces in the novel is between love, feeling and passion versus religious norms and principles. By highlighting these conflicts, the essay presents evidence that the protagonist Jane often shows a feminist sentiment. However, her actions often contradict these sentiments which creates a complexity that I hope this essay will explore.
Phrase-structure in English Used in Charlotte Brontë's “Jane Eyre"
Murodova Mukadas Ikromovna, Tillayev Zafar Akmalovich
International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology,  vol. 7, no. 05, 2020, pp. 223-229

Languages vary in the patterns they allow as grammatically complete, that is in' the kinds of sentences they use. The syntactical description of any language is made scientifically possible by isolating certain recurrent units of expression and examining their distribution in contexts. The largest of these units are sentences, which can naturally be decomposed into their smaller constituent units — phrases. English syntax is a many-layered organization of relatively few types of its basic units. A twofold or binary structure is one of the most striking things about its grammatical organization


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