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 An exhibition in Hamburg (Germany) devoted to Heathcliff. For the moment just virtual because of the coronavirus restrictions in Germany:

Jessica Halm - Heathcliff
1/17/2021 - 3/7/2021
Galerie Im Mistral, Hamburg, Germany

Jessica Halm lets her paintings and sculptures appear in different formations, depending on the context.
We will open the exhibition as soon as the current corona measures allow.
The focus of Jessica Halms work is on painting. Her sculptural works represent the possibility for her to expand the two-dimensionality of the canvas and to extend the painting into the real, three-dimensional space.
In her exhibition Heathcliff , the Hamburg artist Jessica Halm is presenting her large-format installation of the same name made of painted and embroidered fabric panels for the first time. In the gallery in the Marstall Ahrensburg, she creates an extensive labyrinth through which visitors move through the exhibition space. The resulting space consists of individual elements that are linked to one another via large loops. By loosening the loops on the part of the artist, it is possible to repeatedly create new combinations and links between the works.
The exhibition title Heathcliff refers to the male fictional character from Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights, which was first published as the original edition in 1847 under her pseudonym Ellis Bell. For Jessica Halm, the tragic antihero Heathcliff is representative of the Victorian era, which has strongly shaped our current industrialized and globalized world. The artist links collections of image information that can now be consumed on a daily basis through the Internet and social media with collected and remembered images. This multitude of images and impressions flows into Jessica Halms artistic work and leaves visual and thematic links to the annual theme 2021 of the Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung StormarnCollecting arise.

EDIT: Further information (and a video) on NDR


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