Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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 A new musical based on Wuthering Heights is opening tomorrow in Seoul, South Korea:

MBJet Company /  2020 Creative Lab New Musical of the Year present
January 27 - February 7; 7:30 PM
Arko Arts Theater, Seoul, South Korea

Director: Go Seonwoong 
Adapted by:  Ko Sun-woong
Music by  Jeong Min-seo
With Moon Gyeong-cho, Lee Ji-soo, Moon Seong-il, Park Byeong-hoon, Ju Da-on, Choi Baek-na, Kim Do-wan. Ensemble | Jaehyun Lee, Wooseok Shin, Myungsook Bae, Jieun Park, Daye Jung, Byeongcheol Yang
Koya-Culture has further information.


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