Thursday, December 17, 2020

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A couple of new Brontë-related recent scholar articles:
Problem of literary translation of E. Bronte’s novel “Wuthering Heights” into Russian
Abacharaeva Diana Abdulkadi
Research supervisor: Shakhemirova Svetlana Vagidovna
International Journal of Professional Science, No: 11-2020

Landscape in literary works performs a great function because it can carry not only a background but
also, create a certain atmosphere or reveal the character of the hero, it provides a certain image. This article deals with the issue of landscape imagery in works of art, where we are going to approach the results of a comparative historical analysis of two versions of the translation of the Emily Brontë's novel "Wuthering heights" one made by Volpin N.– 1956, another by Saptsina U.– 2009. As a result, we reveal the main difficulties both translators had and assess their ways to overcome these difficulties.
Jin Liu
Theory and Practice in Language Studies, Vol.10 No 12 (2020)

In the process of daily interpersonal communication, hedges have a very wide and universal application. In the actual communication, hedges have their own unique pragmatic value in reducing the value of information in sentences, weakening the information in sentences and transferring the topic. This paper has adopted Politeness Principle proposed by Leech as the theoretical framework and aims to make an analysis of hedges used in the famous English literature Jane Eyre through the method of qualitative research. As a result, it is found there are four main functions as follows: maintaining a better communication environment, saving face and achieving the purpose of self-protection, making the expressions polite and euphemistic and making words more appropriate and acceptable.


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