Thursday, October 01, 2020

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This is an independently published scholar book which contains a Brontë-related chapter:

Core Concept in Heroism Science: Volume 2 (Palsgrove)
Scott T Allison
ISBN: 979-8650178880

The burgeoning science of heroism continues to evolve and illuminate the myriad ways that heroes are created and transform society. This volume sheds light on a set of core concepts about heroism. Adopting a psychological perspective, the authors of this volume -- all senior psychology majors at the University of Richmond -- provide a compelling analysis of the genesis of heroism, the socio-cultural underpinnings of heroism, and the sublime nature of heroism. Among the core concepts investigated in this volume are moral modelling, anti-heroism, cultural influences, scientific heroism, heroic transformation, heroic mentorship, underdog heroism, martyrdom, contextual heroism, and tragic heroism.
The aforementioned chapter is:
Adherence to Principles: The Heroism of Charlotte Brontë and Edith Wharton by Smaragda P. Spirou.


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