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The Bookseller has a story on what is being done in order to keep the Brontë Parsonage Museum afloat in these tough times.
The future of the Brontë Parsonage Museum is at risk following an estimated loss of £500,000 during lockdown, the Brontë Society has said.
The museum is now reopening to the public but, despite receiving funding from Arts Council England's Emergency Response fund, is facing an end-of-year deficit of £100,000.
The Brontë Society, which runs the museum, has launched a JustGiving page to raise funds, saying: "The Brontë Parsonage Museum, and the Brontë family who lived there, are loved and admired by people all over the world. This was evident last autumn, when over 1,000 supporters helped us to purchase a rare Charlotte Brontë 'little book' at auction. We remain touched by, and enormously grateful for, the huge volume of donations and messages of encouragement we received.
"When we shared the precious manuscript with our first visitors of the season on 1st February, little did we know that we would have to close our doors again just a few weeks later. Our primary income streams dried up overnight. Devastatingly, this has put the museum's future at risk and so, regrettably, we need to ask for your support again. Please can you help us ensure we will still be here next year?"
A #Brontë2020 online festival will run on 4th September to raise funds for the appeal. The festival is being organised by academics Dr Claire O'Callaghan of Loughborough University and Dr Sarah Fanning from Mount Allison University in Canada, and is planned to cater for Brontë fans on both sides of the Atlantic. (Benedicte Page)
According to ScreenRant you should watch Jane Eyre 2011 if you love Twilight.
Twilight shares some story elements with Jane Eyre: both tell the story of a young woman who feels isolated and has recently relocated to a new place. Also, both women fall in love with a mysterious man who is harboring a dark secret. Both Bella and Jane are young and inexperienced, but aware of who they are and what they want.
They're drawn to Edward and Rochester, respectively, who feel things intensely, and are often not as forthcoming with information as they should be. Both are romances that are at times sad, but ultimately happy. (Madilyn Ivey)
Hoy Día (Argentina) features writer Maryse Condé.
Condé (Guadalupe, 1937) ganó en 2019 el Nobel de Literatura Alternativo, galardón ideado por un grupo de escritores, bibliotecarios y artistas suecos cuando la academia no falló en 2018, y es autora de una obra sobre cultura, raza y género que se inicia con la publicación de la novela "Heremakhonon" en 1976 y que incluye libros como "Segu", "La Migration des coeurs" (una reescritura de "Cumbres borrascosas") y "Desirada". [...]
El mapa de lecturas que la apasionan y con las que atraviesa sus días se compone de "La aventura ambigua", de Cheikh Hamidou Kane; "Cumbres borrascosas", de Emily Brontë; "El zorro pálido", de Marcel Griaule; "Una temporada en el Congo" o "El cuaderno de un retorno al país natal", ambos de Aimé Césaire. (Emilia Racciatti) (Translation)
Book of Secrets posts about Mr Rochester by Sarah Shoemaker.


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