Tuesday, August 18, 2020

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Almost a year ago, this booklet (34 pages) was published by the Undercliffe Cemetery Charity and for some reason never had a proper post on this blog:
The remarkable story of Nancy De Garrs, Charlotte Brontë's nurse
Steve Lightfoot
Undercliffe Cemetery Charity (4 Oct. 2019)
ISBN-13: 978-1916247604

This should be a fascinating read for any Brontë enthusiast. Find out how Nancy defended Patrick Brontë after Elizabeth Gaskell’s book was published. Her daily routine with the children, how Emily and Charlotte visited her at home and how she was given presents by the Brontës which she cherished to the very end, until…. The story includes murder, tragic accidents and family members being sent to prison. Also the mystery of the missing portrait of Charlotte, on glass. To find out more you must get hold of a copy of The remarkable story of Nancy De Garrs.
All proceeds will go to the Nancy De Garrs memorial fund to pay for a headstone and for ground improvements and maintenance. When donating please state that you require a booklet.


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