Thursday, August 20, 2020

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This is one of the projects of the Irish National Heritage Week:
The Irish Legacy of the Brontë Family in Banagher
Maebh O'Regan
Banagher Crafting Group
Co. Offaly

This project looks at the Irish Legacy of the Brontë family as Charlotte Brontë married Banagher-man Arthur Bell Nicholls. In 1861 when Patrick Brontë died, Arthur Bell Nicholls returned to Banagher bringing with him manuscripts, paintings, his wife's wedding chest and all of Brontë memorabilia, including his father-in-law's dogs, Cato and Plato. He cherished these items and his new home became almost a museum to the Brontës. In this community project the Crafting Group in Banagher and the project's co-ordinator, Maebh O'Regan are going to make images of 15 of the key items of the Irish Brontë legacy in needlework. The plan is to use these objects as tools to raise awareness of the importance of the Brontë Legacy in Banagher.


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