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ScreenRant lists the best films of Elizabeth Taylor according to Rotten Tomatoes:
4. Jane Eyre (1944) - 100%
Although she was uncredited at the time of its release, Taylor plays Helen Burns in one of the earliest adaptations of the classic Charlotte Brontë novel, Jane Eyre.
From a script co-written by Aldous Huxley (Brave New World), the film follows notorious orphan Jane Eyre (Joan Fontaine) as she can't help but fall in love with her dashing new employer, Mr. Rochester (Orson Welles). Just when Mr. Rochester reciprocates the feelings, he begins to court the elegant visitor Blanche Ingraham (Hilary Brooke).
Kitv4 reviews the novel Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia:
The novel, which I've described to friends as "Jane Eyre" meets "Crimson Peak," has some of the very things you'd want in a compelling gothic tale: an unsuspecting heroine, a ghastly estate, blurred lines between the worldly and the otherworldly. ( Leah Asmelash and Brandon Tensley)
The Times of India talks about Ranjith Sankar's daughter's tastes:
Tara, who has acted in Su Sudhi Vathmeekam and Punyalan Private Limited, is a bookworm, and enjoys the works of the Brontë sisters and hasn’t thought of a future in the films, she says. (Anna Matthews)
WyDaily talks about a local bookstore. We really wanted to know more about this story:
When a 14-year-old girl walks into the store in search of a 1945 copy of Wuthering Heights, Sylvia isn’t thinking about the profit.
Instead he feels proud to find something special for a person that will help continue their love of reading. (Alexa Doiron and Gabrielle Rente)
Republika (Poland) reviews the novel Głos serca by Janette Oke:
Ale jest tu jeszcze jedna ujmująca rzecz. Tak jak niegdyś Jane Austen czy siostry Brontë umiały nakreślić nam postacie kobiece nie miałkie, ale silne i z charakterem, podobnie jest w przypadku bohaterki powieści Janette Oke. (Joanna Jaszczuk) (Translation)
La Tercera (Chile) interviews the writer Mariana Enríquez:
Con sagacidad, alma de fan moldeada por la inteligencia y animada de voraz curiosidad intelectual, Mariana Enríquez llevó su galaxia de intereses al periodismo: El otro lado, un volumen de 700 páginas publicado por Ediciones UDP, es un testimonio elocuente. El libro es una antología de sus artículos publicados en Página 12 y otros medios, y la selección, a cargo de la periodista Leila Guerriero, dibuja una estética, un mapa de la subjetividad donde aparecen sus obsesiones y donde transitan Nick Cave y Sylvia Plath, Bruce Springsteen y Emily Brontë, Kurt Cobain y Keith Richards. (Andrés Gómez) (Translation)
Espejo (México) accomplishes something only reserved to the truly blunder-committed journalist. To mix not only two sisters but all three of them. A masterpiece:
Charlotte Bronte, inglesa distinguida por su novela Cumbres borrascosas, usó el nombre de Acton Bell. (Leónidas Alfaro Bedolla) (Translation)
Trouw (Netherlands) reviews the novel De Nederlandse maagd by Marente De Moor:
Liefde, geheimen, raadsels en ingewikkelde schermwedstrijden volgen, door De Moor meeslepend verteld in een stijl die bloemrijk en toch ook modern ongedwongen is. ‘De Nederlandse maagd’ laat zich lezen als een ‘Jane Eyre meets Visconti’. (Jann Ruyters) (Translation)
Máxima (Brazil) recommends some novels:
O morro dos ventos uivantes: escrito por Emily Brontë e publicado originalmente em 1847, o livro conta a história de Heathcliff, um garoto de origem desconhecida que é adotado pela família Earnshaw. Com o tempo, surge uma relação intensa com Catherine, a irmã adotiva mais nova, em meio à muita dor e perversidade que os cerca. (Translation)
Bookish Bits briefly reviews Tanya Landman's retelling of Wuthering Heights. The Brontë Babe Blog shares a walk in Wycoller.


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