Friday, August 28, 2020

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Today, August 28,  is the release date of Charlie Rauh's much expected, The Bluebell:
Destiny Records Music
The Bluebell
by Charlie Rauh
The Bluebell is the third solo album from guitarist and composer Charlie Rauh, following 2019’s Hiraeth, which garnered an enthusiastic response from the press as music with “a quiet intensity, each note and chord ringing with purpose. With these lullabies, Rauh gives a gentle reminder that playing soft and slow can be more impactful than loud and fast” (Acoustic Guitar Magazine). The Bluebell continues Rauh’s stylistic hallmark of spacious solo guitar composition while giving greater depth to this set by taking on the beloved poetry of Emily and Anne Brontë as its creative inspiration. Titled after a small flower familiar to the landscape of the Brontës’ homeland in Northern England, and a subject of both authors’ writing, the songs of The Bluebell emerge as thoughtful, pensive, and reverent interpretations of the poems from which they draw inspiration. Recorded in the home where Rauh spent his youth and his father taught him guitar, the nine miniature songs weave, ring, and decay as they alternate between selections of Emily and Anne’s poems of childhood, growth, persistence, and wonder. As heard on Hiraeth, Rauh’s combination of fingerstyle and flat picked guitar-playing evokes echoes of medieval modal movements intertwined with smoky Appalachian melodies that add a unique and personal layer to the music.

List of songs:
1 The Bluebell (Anne)
2. Careless Gifts Are Seldom Prized
3. Watch Through The Darkest Hours Of Night
4. Faith Shines Equal Arming Me From Fear
5. Though Weak Yet Longing To Believe
6. We Were Not Once So Few
7. With Purpose Pure And High
8. A Little And A Lone Green Lane
9. The Bluebell (Emily)


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