Thursday, August 06, 2020

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We read in the Daily Bruin about this novel artist, Fiona Hsu, who has been experimenting recently with digital art, creating a piece inspired by Jane Eyre:
As she began familiarizing herself with digital art, Hsu was inspired by her favorite novel “Jane Eyre,” and said she is using the computer graphics software Blender to design a room for one of the novel’s characters, Bertha Mason. In the book, the character is locked in an attic by her husband due to her erratic and violent behavior, which Hsu said she is trying to convey through the musty ambiance of the room.
“There’s only little light, plates are on the floor, the room is a mess – blankets, towels everywhere and such,” Hsu said. “The atmosphere is hazy, … you can see dust.” (Vivian Xu and Jolie Sukonik)

Check her ArtStation account to see other perspectives of the room.


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