Friday, July 10, 2020

Upcoming author, Tim Duggan, lists his favourite books in Brisbane Times:
Wide Sargasso Sea
Jean Rhys
My English teacher, Magar Etmekdjian, played an influential role in helping me fall in love with words when I was 15. It propelled me into journalism, then later into launching a series of media titles such as Same Same and Junkee. He introduced me to the splendour of this book, a visceral, post-colonial response to Jane Eyre that tells the story of the ‘‘mad’’ Mrs Rochester from her perspective. Evocative language and a traumatic plot take you from Jamaica to an English attic as Jean Rhys crowbars her way into Charlotte Brontë’s classic and rearranges the minor characters as major players.
More reviewers of Mexican Gothic keep mentioning Jane Eyre. In NPR:
'Jane Eyre' Meets 'Dracula' In This Sharp, Inventive 'Mexican Gothic' Tale (...)
What ensues is an inspired mash-up of Jane Eyre, Ann Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho, Dracula, Rebecca and that 1958 classic sci-fi movie, The Blob.  (Maureen Corrigan)
Stereonet has a review of the Sumiko Songbird Low Output MC Cartridge (don't panic, it's a vinyl collector thing):
Similarly, the piano intro and chimes at the start of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights shimmered through my room with startling realism. Again, all the high-range arrangements were presented clearly with enough body and presence not to worry about frayed edges. When the bass slides in there is a wonderfully woody tonality to the instrument that balances the whole scene before the drums come in. This is a track that could sound thin and wispy if not treated right. No such happenings with the Songbird, as Kate's distinctive vocals – although high – were given depth and life, as well as the centre stage. (Jay Garrett)
Church Times interviews a chaplain:
I’d love to have my five-year-old grandson with me if I was locked in a church. But one of my favourite books is Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë; so perhaps Jane. She didn’t have an easy life, but she never gave up, and always looked forward to what might come. Even with all that befell her, she stayed strong and focused, and came out even stronger in the end.  (Terence Handley Macmatch)
Psychology Junkie applies the Myers-Briggs Personality Types to Broadway characters:
INFJ – Jane Eyre from Jane Eyre: The Musical
Jane is one of my favorite characters from literature, and this musical adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s novel perfectly captures the character’s personality. She’s a deep-thinking, passionate young woman who is deeply invested in the people around her. The better she understands them, the more she loves them. She’s also deeply committed to her beliefs and principles, and she cares about aligning with external expectations for behavior (in Jane’s case, the expectations of her Christian faith). (Marissa Baker)
RPP (Peru) announces that the Mi Novela Favorita radio adaptation of Jane Eyre  (first broadcast in 2008) will be available again this month:
Está considerada una de las primeras novelas feministas del siglo XIX. Charlotte Brontë, su autora, la publicó con el pseudónimo de Currer Bell, solo en su jubilación dio a conocer su autoría.
Tal vez porque su primer título fue "Jane Eyre", una autobiografía y la autora tal vez no quería condicionar su lectura, o su vida. Libro innovador por la manera de actuar y pensar de su protagonista, levantó gran polémica en su tiempo, pero obtuvo el beneplácito de la crítica y el público. (Translation)
Le Journal du Dimanche (France) interviews writer Pascal Quignard:
 Quand j'ai plongé, je peux y retourner plusieurs fois : je ne me lasserai jamais d'Emily Brontë. (Anna Cabana) (Translation)
BAE Negocios (Argentina) lists virtual literary trips:
Las hermanas Brontë: los fans de las hermanas Charlotte, Anne y Emily pueden descubrir los lugares que inspiraron su trabajo. Desde su lugar de nacimiento hasta los paisajes de cascadas y colinas verdes de Yorkshire, que acompañaron la creación de obras como Cumbres Borrascosas. Se encuentra en el buscador de Google Arts&Culture y cuenta con la opción de traducir. (Translation)
 Today on Italian TV (Iris TV, 16:39):
Andrà in onda alle ore 16.59 sul canale Iris il film Jane Eyre, dramma in costume del 1996 diretto da Franco Zeffirelli. Il film, coproduzione italiana, francese e britannica, mette in scena l’omonimo romanzo di Charlotte Brontë. Questa versione cinematografica è piuttosto fedele a quella cartacea, sebbene nella seconda parte del copione siano presenti alcuni tagli e cambiamenti. Il film vinse il David di Donatello nel 1996 per i migliori costumi. Protagonista del film è Charlotte Gainsbourg. (Davide Sette in Meteoweek) (Translation)
Los Angeles Times also reports that Jane Eyre 2001 is on HBO (10:35 AM PDT).


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