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Just published, one of the most interesting books published in this Brontë year:
Charlotte Brontë, Embodiment and the Material World
Editors: Justine Pizzo and Eleanor Houghton
Palgrave MacMillian
ISBN 978-3-030-34854-0
July 2020

Comprising nine original essays by specialists in material culture, book history, literary criticism, and curatorial and archival studies, this co-edited volume addresses a wide range of Brontë’s writing―from vignettes composed during her teenage years (“The Tea Party” and “The Secret”) to completed novels (The Professor, Jane Eyre, Shirley, and Villette) and unfinished works (“Ashworth” and “Emma”). In bringing to life the surprising array of embodied experiences that shaped Brontë’s creative practice (from writing to book-making, painting, and drawing), Charlotte Brontë, Embodiment and the Material World forges new connections between historical, material, and textual approaches to the author’s work.
Table of contents

Introduction by Pizzo, Justine (et al.)
Burying Bertha: Race and the Ungraveable Body in Jane Eyre by Pearsall, Cornelia
Gendering the Comic Body: Physical Humour in Shirley by Pizzo, Justine
“Mediocrity in the sensations”: Charlotte Brontë and the Yorkshire Marriage by Sanders, Valerie
“Grossly Material”: Catholic Things and the Jesuit Order in Villette by Donovan, Julie
Charlotte Brontë: From a Yorkshire Girl to a Regency Writer and Dandy by Pike, Judith E.
Brontë Under Glass: Scholarship and Sentimentality in the Museum Context by Nelson, Christine
Charlotte Brontë’s Moccasins: The Wild West Brought Home by Houghton, Eleanor
Charlotte Brontë’s “Chinese Fac-similes”: A Comparative Approach to Interpreting the Materials of Authorial Labour and Artistic Process by Heritage, Barbara
“I have read the Lady’s Magazine”: The Materialities of Charlotte Brontë’s Medievalism by Broome Saunders, Clare


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