Thursday, May 28, 2020

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From the Brontë Parsonage Museum:
The Stage recommends several little-known musicals to discover during lockdown. One of them is Wasted.
But it’s not all classics. Carl Miller and Christopher Ash’s Brontë sisters rock musical (yes, you read that correctly) Wasted is streaming on Southwark Playhouse’s site. Here’s your opportunity to agree/disagree with our reviewer Tim Bano, who wrote: “It’s brilliant to see something so brash and bizarre, existing completely on its own terms.” (David Benedict)
A contributor to The Harvard Press chose books of 'intrigue and romance set in an isolated old house with secrets of its own' as lockdown reads.
Maybe it started with “Wuthering Heights,” this fascination with big, old houses—preferably British—that hold romance and suspense. I have a picture in my head of a large, dark, mysterious house set high on the moors. As wild as the house is its inhabitant Heathcliffe (sic)—a brooding man, whose anger and love are of an unnatural intensity. A climactic scene occurs at an open window. (Carlene Phillips)
LitHub explores the role played by Thomas Wentworth Higginson in Emily Dickinson's literary career and recalls the fat that
When she died in 1886, he traveled to Amherst to read an Emily Brontë poem at her funeral. (Martha Ackmann)
It is thought that Emily Dickinson herself had requested he read that poem.

London Review of Books discusses Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown by Anne Glenconner.
Marriage was still her destiny and it arrived in the form of Colin Tennant, son and heir of the immensely wealthy second Baron Glenconner. Tall and ‘terribly handsome’, he appealed to a woman whose teenage idol was Heathcliff. (Rosemary Hill)
Flaunt interviews singer Gianna Isabella.
What books are you reading? I’m reading the classics right now. It’s more Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen, etc. Currently I’m reading a suspenseful horror book called Baby Teeth, I’m also reading Jane Eyre. (Shirley Ju)


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