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About Manchester presents the upcoming Royal Exchange Theatre's production of Wuthering Heigths:
Emily Brontë’s extraordinary novel Wuthering Heights unleashed a love that was raw and uncontained, wild, brutal and all-consuming.
In this new adaptation by Bruntwood Prize winning writer Andrew Sheridan Cathy and Heathcliff are seen afresh, as unpredictable as the moors and bound by an energy that is palpable.
The Royal Exchange Theatre’s new Artistic Director Bryony Shanahan creates her contemporary production with an ensemble of actors and musicians. Together they explore the twists and turns in Brontë’s exhilarating, poetic narrative and astonishing imagination.
A ferocious exploration of passion and desire, underscored by live, original music, Cathy and Heathcliff’s love finds a visceral and vicious, tender and true connection in this new production.Wuthering Heights  runs in the theatre from 7 February – 7 March 2020. (Nigel Barlow)
Paste Magazine announces the Nintendo Switch game, The House in Fata Morgana:
The storyline takes more inspiration from tragic works by Brontë or Shakespeare as well as brainy films like Millennium Actress than it does from JRPG epics or high fantasy. Fans of Guillermo del Toro will notice his specific brand of goth-fairytale fusion.  (Austin Jones)
The Construction Index reports a work accident in a house connected to the Brontës:
Mark Smith, aged 36, fell 4.8 metres through an unprotected opening while working at Stone Gappe Hall in Lothersdale, near Keighley. The house is owned by Richard McAlpine, a director of the McAlpine group of companies. (...)
Stone Gappe Hall is considered to be the model for Gateshead Hall, the childhood home of Jane Eyre, as author Charlotte Brontë briefly worked as a governess there.
Phoenix New Times presents Everything is Personal, Notes on Now by Laurie Stone:
Renewing failed friendships at parties is something that happens to Stone, both in her life and in her new book, Everything Is Personal, Notes on Now. In it, there are stories of her sister, who died in 2017, commentaries on the GOP health care bill, and the radicalism of the Brontë sisters. Warmth often rises up. (Robrt L. Pela)
Britain's most romantic destinations in The Telegraph:
Stanage towers over the village of Hathersage, which sits two miles (3.2km) away in a sweeping moorland landscape that inspired Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre.
BBC Culture discusses the rise of audiobooks:
The increased profile of audiobooks also means that more A-list talent is willing to be involved. Earlier this year, Penguin released 30 of their classics in audiobook format, narrated by well-known names including Andrew Scott reading The Dubliners and Natalie Dormer voicing A Room of One’s Own. Meanwhile, Audible has had match-ups including Rosamund Pike reading Pride and Prejudice and Thandie Newton narrating Jane Eyre. (Clare Thorp)
The Spinoff talks about sisters:
There is something fascinating about the lives of sisters. We have the Mitfords and the Brontës, Marian Keyes’ Walsh girls, even the Kardashians. The nature of the friendship is complicated and fractious, and they also live in a kind of isolation. The world of sisters is private. Each group has its own language and games, and shared history. No one else is let in, we can only watch when allowed. (Alie Benge)
Echo Live (Ireland) reminds us of one of the best moments of the 2010s:
The greatest quiz answer of the decade occurs on University Challenge: “Timothy Dalton, Orson Welles and Michael Fassbender are among the actors who have played which romantic figure, created by Charlotte Brontë?
“Inspector Clouseau?” comes the genuine guess. (Robert O'Shea)
Now, a brief section of Little Women news:
The truth behind Little Women’s man problem. (...) My friend, who has been an English teacher in a boys’ school, says that while her classes in Year 7 and 8 thrive on discussion of feminism in Jane Eyre, something changes as they enter their teens. “It is the internet,” she says. “Boys are disabused of the fact that feminism is a good thing by hot-take YouTube channels that suggest the opposite. It’s hard to suddenly have to explain to them why equality is a good thing.”  (Samuel Fishwick in Evening Standard)
Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” Gave Me Permission to Be Sad. (...) Long before I knew that I was a stubborn woman, I was obsessed with the stubborn women of literature. The first time I read Jane Eyre I walked into English class buzzing like I had a class crush. But so often these characters are idealized. It’s not that their choices seem easy, but the difficulties are always external. The whole point is that they’re unwavering in their commitment to self. (Drew Gregory in Autrostraddle)
Oubliette Magazine (in Italian) reviews Wuthering Heights:
Il romanzo è sviscerato nell’ottima prefazione di Georges Bataille, il quale prende spunto da un’altrettanto acuta analisi di Jacques Blondel. Dopo di essa, come posso io commentare ora l’opera maggiore di Emily? Dicendo la mia? Ci provo. (Stefano Pioli) (Translation)
Ravenna Today (Italy) reviews the performances of Ottocento:
Sul palco "Ottocento", uno spettacolo che racconta fascino, lotte e protagonisti di un secolo Eventi a Ravenna
Viaggiano nel tempo nei panni di due curiosi personaggi talmente innamorati delle arti, della letteratura e della storia da cadervi dentro, come entrassero in un palazzo incantato in cui prendono vita per un attimo voci e presenze illustri che subito svaniscono. Si va dalla Francia ai paesaggi scandinavi, dall'Inghilterra alla Germania e alla Russia. In scena parla la grande letteratura dell'800: Dickinson, Brontë, Shelley, Sand, Poe, Baudelaire, Flaubert, Dumas, Hugo, e ancora Čechov, Dostoevskji, Ibsen, Mann, Gogol, Tolstoj. (Translation)
20 Minutes (France) reviews L.J. Shen's The Kiss Thief:
Parce que l’on assiste à un mélange des Hauts de Hurlevent et de La Belle et la Bête, où la bête serait un bel homme ambitieux et avide de vengeance et la belle l’héritière candide et gâtée d’un parrain de la mafia. (Holly Goli) (Translation)

Potrebbe interessarti: http://www.ravennatoday.it/eventi/sul-palco-ottocento-uno-spettacolo-che-racconta-fascino-lotte-e-protagonisti-di-un-secolo.html
Seguici su Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RavennaToday/235879663110834
OrcaSound reviews Wuthering Heights 2011. Reflejo de Luna (in Spanish) reviews the recent Manga adaptation of Jane Eyre. Parade includes Charlotte Brontë among the "125  Influential Women (that) Will Inspire You To Crush Your Goals In 2020".


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