Sunday, December 15, 2019

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Cape Cod Today announces an upcoming talk by Glynis Hawkes, author of Charlotte Brontë before Jane Eyre, in Woods Hole, MA:
Glynnis Fawkes, author, illustrator and frequent visitor to Woods Hole, has just had her most recent book very favorably reviewed in the New York Times. During a recent communication with the Library, Glynnis said she would be happy to give a talk at the Woods Hole Public Library when she next comes to town.  Wednesday, December 30, at 7:30 PM is the time set when she will talk about her graphic novels, particularly “Charlotte Brontë Before Jane Eyre”.
Blake Morrison on how to write a memoir. In The Guardian:
The best memoirs are always transgressive. They are alternative history – voices you didn’t expect to hear; candour that breaches the norms of polite society; episodes that seem shocking till you recognise their truthfulness. They allow self assertion. But they aren’t selfish. They have a unique story to tell – a story that resonates with everyone else’s story. Even their anguish can be uplifting, making us aware that, as Charlotte Brontë said, “there are countless afflictions in the world, each perhaps rivalling – some surpassing – the private pain over which we are too prone exclusively to sorrow.”
There are ways of ending a relationship and then there is this one as explained in The Huffington Post:
Afterward, a four-year relationship with an English professor ended in fitting dramatic form when he rediscovered his childhood sweetheart while I was mourning the death of my father. Pulling his hands through his long gray hair, he declared, “We’re like Heathcliff and Cathy. I love her more than I love you!” I had to brush up on my “Wuthering Heights” to get it. Heathcliff and Catherine were soulmates. (Ronni Gordon)
El Periódico de Catalunya (Spain) reviews a local theatre production of Mrs Dalloway:
Partiendo del monólogo interior del relato original, los pensamientos de la protagonista se han transfigurado en un ir y venir de personajes, algunos agrandados o incluso reinventados -algo similar pasaba en la previa 'Jane Eyre'- para servir de pilares a la fragmentada dramaturgia. (Manuel Pérez i Muñoz) (Translation)
Several Spanish and French news outlets inform of the return of Jane Eyre 2011 to Netflix next January. Jane Eyre's Library (in Spanish) talks about the upcoming publication in English and Spanish of Isabelle Greenberg's Glass Town.


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