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The Star gapes at Moorseats Hall which is on the market for £3,000,000. One of its many selling points is that,
Charlotte Brontë stayed here and used it as an inspiration for Jane Eyre. (Claire Schofield)
The property listing on Rightmove gets it better, though:
Dating from the 1300's the home has had numerous owners and house guests including Charlotte Brontë, who used it as an inspiration for Jane Eyre, including naming her heroine after the owners of the Hall at the time.
As far as we know, Charlotte didn't stay there but only visited while she stayed with Ellen in Hathersage. It is true that it was owned by the Eyre family (like nearby North Lees Hall was). It has been suggested that Moorseats Hall may have inspired the Rivers' home Moor House (or Marsh End) in Jane Eyre. It is always interesting to see how much inspiration Charlotte Brontë derived from that stay in Hathersage.

Introvert, Dear lists Jane Eyre among other 'Fictional Introverts Who Make Me Feel Seen'.
1. Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre)
Many introverts relate to Jane Eyre. As an INFJ, one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, I do too, even though I believe Jane is best described as an INFP.
There’s the fact that she’s incredibly strong-willed, idealistic, and self-reliant. Her emotional maturity, honesty, and reliance on her own intelligence and capabilities keep her going despite the abuse leveled at her throughout her childhood. Yet she never stops believing in a better life. She has hope. She treasures her idealism. That’s an integral part of my personality, too. In fact, as an INFJ, I cling to my idealism.
Jane holds firmly to her principles. Despite loving Mr. Rochester, she refuses to marry him while he’s still married to his deranged wife or go to France with him. She knows what’s right and wrong, and she won’t compromise her values. Like many introverts, I, too, stick to my values (for better or for worse).
I also relate to Jane’s sensitivity. Jane feels things acutely, whether it’s injustices against her (like her relations’ abuse of her) or emotions that other people purposefully try to evoke in her (like when Mr. Rochester tries to make her jealous through the arrival of Blanche). She can’t help but be affected. While she might try not to be ruled by her heart, she’s easily softened and affected by the world and people around her.
INFJs and INFPs are extremely sensitive human beings. It’s normal for practically everything to affect us.
Jane endures a lot of heartache and suffering, what with falling in love with a man who hid the fact that he was already married (and only revealed it on their wedding day!) and suffering abuse from her relations as an orphaned child. Although our situations are nothing alike, Jane’s complicated inner turmoil and her resolute nature resonates strongly with my own personality. (Amy Wannenburgh)
Il Post (Italy) recommends audiobooks and this happens:
Se non volete sottoscrivere l’ennesimo abbonamento, potete cercare online sul sito di Ad Alta Voce, il programma di Radio Tre che negli anni ha costruito un catalogo con centinaia di titoli: Cent’anni di solitudine di Gabriel García Márquez e Cime Tempestose di Charlotte Brontë, solo per dirne alcuni tra i più noti. (Translation)
Regió 7 (in Catalan) has a short article on the Brontë sisters.


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