Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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The latest post by Brontë Babe Blog (an excellent blog by the independent researcher and juvenilia scholar Nicola Friar) let us discover that Christine Alexander's Juvenilia Press has a new Brontë addition to its catalogue:
The Pirate
by Branwell Brontë
Edited by Christine Alexander, with Joetta Harty and Benjamin Drexler.
Juvenilia Press
ISBN: 978-0-7334-3806-6

Written at the age of fifteen, The Pirate transports us into the dramatic imaginary world of the young Brontë's, tracing the early career of Branwell's favourite hero (and later alter-ego) 'Rouge' to aristocratic demagogue. The young author and his hero both played pivotal roles in the creation of the Glass Town and Angrian saga.
Not the only recent Brontë juvenilia event. The recent Sixth International Literary Juvenilia Conference (5th July 2018 to 8th July 2018, St John's College, Durham University) included a Brontë panel, chaired by Christine Alexander. Regrettably, there doesn't seem to be a programme of the conference available (a funny way of making the event known to the public). Nevertheless, on the Brontë Babe Blog there is some information:
Some personal highlights for me were listening to the other speakers from my panel, discussing my contrasting view of Charlotte Brontë’s character Elizabeth Hastings with another speaker, learning more about diaries and journals as juvenilia through talks on Opal Whiteley, a fascinating talk on Hartley Coleridge (friend to Branwell Brontë), the wonderful world of Quaker school magazines, and being introduced to the work of child prodigy Barbara Newhall Follett. There were so many more interesting papers, but these were the ones which really grabbed me. I must also highlight Christine Alexander’s wonderful keynote speech on Charlotte Brontë and print culture on Thursday, as well as her session on editing and the Juvenilia Press which was a nice way to round off the conference.


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