Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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A tribute show to Kate Bush is touring the UK (and even a gig in the States):
Rachel Sinnetta & Her Rubber Band
Wuthering Heights - The music of Kate Bush
Featuring the exceptional vocal expression of Rachel Sinnetta and fully supported by an incredible band of five talented multi instrumentalists … The Rubber Band.

Wuthering Heights, the show, captures not only the magic of Kate Bush’s work from early albums such as tThe Kick Inside through to Ariel but furthermore recreates the atmosphere and ethereal qualities which surround much of Kate’s composition.

APR 25, 7:45PM
Forum Theatre, Malvern, United Kingdom
APR 26, Thursday, 7:45PM
Stevenage, United Kingdom
APR 27, Friday, 7:45PM
Buxton, United Kingdom
MAY 02, Wednesday, 7:45PM
Eastbourne, United Kingdom
MAY 03, Thursday, 7:45PM
Essex, United Kingdom
MAY 05, Saturday, 7:45PM
Dunstable, United Kingdom
MAY 08, Tuesday, 7:45PM
Colchester, United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
MAY 11, Friday, 7:45PM
Scunthorpe, United Kingdom
MAY 13, Sunday, 7:45PM
Rotherham, United Kingdom
MAY 29, Tuesday, 7:45PM
Liverpool, United Kingdom
MAY 30, Wednesday, 7:45PM
Swindon, United Kingdom
MAY 31, Thursday, 7:45PM
Melksham, United Kingdom
JUN 02, Saturday, 7:45PM
Palace Theatre, Newark, NJ
JUN 03, Sunday, 7:45PM
Bromley, United Kingdom
JUN 07 Thursday, 7:45PM
Porthcawl, United Kingdom
JUN 08, Friday, 7:45PM
Poole, United Kingdom
JUN 09, Saturday, 7:45PM
Ipswich, United Kingdom


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